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LinkedIn For Leads is the way to go!

This all-inclusive program is dedicated to every Freelance Service Provider wishing for more, higher-value clients from social media, even with NO  EXPERIENCE. Be ready to start onboarding Brand New Clients in your business in the next 4 weeks! In this program, I will teach you the fundamentals of your LinkedIn profile, connecting with clients, keeping clients for the long-term & personal branding. No matter your experience level or background, I will give you the skills you need to start using LinkedIn today! I’m Susan Miller, and I’m going to show you how to use get new clients on LinkedIn at the highest level, all starting from scratch.

What you’ll do

  • Develop a Mindset For Success
  • Pick the Perfect Niche Market
  • Create A  Perfect Offer
  • Set Up Your Professional LinkedIn Profile
  • Create Content on LinkedIn that Attracts Your Ideal Clients
  • Design all Your Personal Branding
  • Set Up A System to Manage Your LinkedIn

Who is this for?

  • Beginner & Intermediate Freelance Service Providers
  • Freelancers who just want to make more money

Learning a completely new way of connecting with clients as a beginner is very intimidating. There are a ton of tutorials, how-to’s and advice already out there, floating around, but how do you actually start a business that you’re in control of?  Is it really neccesary to learn new skills to offer as services to my clients? Is there a way to do freelancing without giving Fiverr & Upwork 10-20% of my income?  That’s what they all teach, but it doesn’t feel make you feel as confident as you hoped it would. You feel one way & get told something else. I have spent a lot of time studying what it takes to actually build a successful freelancing business on my own from scratch. What do you need & what don’t you need? Where should I invest my money & where shouldn’t I? What should I do first? Do I need a website? All your questions are answered right here in LinkedIn For Leads, either in the program itself or in calls & messages with me personally, where you can ask every burning question you have!

Module 1: Mindset For Success
Module 2: Picking A Niche
Module 3: Creating An Offer
Module 4: LinkedIn Set-Up
Module 5: LinkedIn Writing
Module 6: Personal Branding
When do I get access?
Instantly! Once you purchase the course or start the free trial, you will be able to access the program instantly!
How long do I have access to this?
Forever! Lifetime access is included.
Can't I find all this info online for free?
Yup, you absolutely can!

This program is not based on information, it's based on action. I created step-by-step resources to make it as SIMPLE as possible for you to take the necessary actions you need for success.

No more saying, I don't know how to figure this out- I've made so many tools for you to use to figure it out, you don't have any more excuses left!

If you're simply looking for information, this program isn't for you!!
Are there any guarantees?
Yup, in fact, there are 2 guarantees!

1.) Get Clients or Get Coached Guarantee . I guarantee you'll have 5 clients by the end of the program, if you implement everything I teach & you do all the assignments. However, if you don't have the 5 clients, I will coach you until you DO have 5 clients!

2.) I also offer a full 30-day Frown-Free Guarantee, in case the above guarantee doesn't bring you a smile- If you're not happy within the 30 days of the program, you'll just have to tell me & I'll return our money, 'cause we all know I HATE frowns!!!

Once you get your money back, you'll have to send me a smiling photo, so I know you're officially 'Frown-Free' again!!! 😅😅😅
Course details
Duration 20 days
Lectures 51
Video 4 hours
Assignments 21
Level Intermediate
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