Susan Miller

Get 5 Clients
in Just 4 Weeks

Ditch Fiverr & Upwork & use LinkedIn instead!

I’ll teach you every step from making your profile to closing new clients inside my LinkedIn For Leads program!

Fiverr & Upwork Don't
Actually Care

They charge you simply to connect with potential clients & send a proposal. Then, after sending 80 proposals, when you finally get a $100 gig, they keep $10-20 for themselves.

You need the money, but you also need to connect with more clients & get more work. Should you invest the $80 you just made in more connections? Or to pay for the groceries this week?

The money you work for should be ALL YOURS to KEEP. Thanks to LinkedIn, you can charge more per client, plus keep it ALL! No more paying simply to connect with clients or giving someone else 10% of your income!

Take back your business today! It’s 100% Risk-Free & guaranteed to bring you more hope & smiles than you can imagine!


Charge More

When you build a personal brand on LinkedIn & connect with higher- value clients, you'll be able to charge based on your VALUE & EXPERTISE, rather than just trying to be the cheapest.

Long-Term Clients

You'll be able to attract the type of clients who need ongoing support, thus creating DEPENDABLE income streams! You'll get to build relationships they can't ignore!

Establish Authority

Building a personal brand on LinkedIn showcases that you're a real human with real EXPERTISE. It gives you the opportunity to prove to your clients that you're the PRO they NEED!

What Students Say

Gert Schlabach
Gert Schlabach @GertSchlabach
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Susan has been a light in the blogging maze of tunnels. As a blogger, I needed clarity in managing social media platforms. I enjoyed getting to know Susan, connecting with her, & the insights she gave me. While I'm not a new blogger, I still needed help finding clarity, my purpose & goals. My time in these 5 sessions with her has been much-needed & valuable. She offered a lot of handouts for me to peruse & I will be using them as well. If you need someone to sort through your goals, bring clarity to your vision & help you find your way through social media and marketing, I highly recommend Susan.
Judy Britton
Judy Britton
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Exuberance! Susan enriched our discovery meeting with a joyful smile that carried through the meeting. It drew me into every comment Susan made.  Susan challenged me to look at my research in a different light. Since difficulties in narrowing my options originally connected Susan and me, these new options provide a viable source for wisely selecting the best path on which to step.
Aderonke Adeyemi
Aderonke Adeyemi
@Aderonke Adeyemi
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Everything I've learned throughout the lessons improved my thought process & my business as a whole. I really enjoyed working with her!

Why Choose Us

I'm committed to helping you achieve your goals by providing all the tools & info you possibly need to succeed on LinkedIn.
Action Based

I believe that action is what creates success. That's why you'll spend 57 minutes working & only 3 minutes listening to me each day!

Set Your Own Learning Pace

I've made this program Mom-friendly with all your important info in a skim-able PDF format, with direct links to all the tools you need!

Get It Done In 4 Weeks

No need to spend the next year trying to figure out how to use LinkedIn & 10 other platforms. Just start LinkedIn For Leads today & enjoy your step-by-step path to success!

LinkedIn for Leads

This all-inclusive program guarantees you 5 new clients in 4 weeks or I'll coach you until you do!
Try it out today for FREE!!

Pay-Per-Call Coaching

Just want to book a call with a coach as you need it? Pay-Per-Call allows you to do just that. Book a call today & let's grow your business!


The LinkedIn For Leads program is setup to be completed in 20 days. This includes only 1 hour per day, 5 days per week for 4 weeks. However, you may do it on your own schedule. Everything is available on-demand, except for our 1:1 calls.

You will have Lifetime Access to the program, so you can always refer back to the resources & use them whenever needed. However, the Frown-Free Guarantee (if you’re frowning at the end of your 30 days, I’ll refund all your money) expires at the end of the 30 days.

If you do not have the cash, there are several other options for you to access the program. (1. You can use PayPal Pay in 4 to do 4 monthly payments or (2.  You can refer others to LinkedIn for Leads. I will pay you $200 for each referral who purchases. With 3 referrals, your program is paid for!  Or (3. You can find up to 4 others to go thru this program with you & you can purchase at the Group Rate of $900!! 

The program is delivered in an on-demand setting. The main item is the 200+ page workbook, which contains all the info & direct links/QR codes to all the 50+ tools & resources I created/recommend. Each lesson has a short (often less then 3 minutes) video explaining how everything works, how to use it & what to do.

I’m a firm believer in quality & I’m committed to helping you succeed. I know that some folks aren’t as comfortable asking questions a group setting, therefore I do all coaching in a private 1:1 session with you. Plus, I want to *actually* get to know who you are!!

LinkedIn for Leads is divided into the following 7 modules- (1.Mindset For Success, (2. Picking A Niche, (3. Creating An Offer, (4. LinkedIn Set-Up, (5. LinkedIn Writing, (6. Personal Branding & (7. Setting Up Systems.

I’ll give you 100% of your money back! That’s why I’ve got a Frown-Free Guarantee!!If you’re frowning by the end of the 4 week program, you just holler at me & I’ll give back your money, so you can be Frown-Free again!  (But you need to send me a pic of your smile afterward so I know you’re happy again!! 🤣😆)

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