Susan Miller

I know. What a weird phenomenon. What a strange title.


But it’s happening to you. It’s happened to me. This is the absolute “God-Math” story of how I’m here & why you’re even seeing me. Depression is the whole reason you’re reading this. Not yours, but mine.

Losing my Mom to horrible cancer was the most gut-wrenching , most traumatic moment in my life. It moved me to places of my heart I hardly knew existed. I felt a depth of pain I never felt before. I questioned the meaning of life like I never did before. I realized that if I wanted to make an impact & touch the lives of people I knew, I had to make it happen, because life happens & it ends in a split moment, when you realize that your time is past. When I’m laying there & dying from cancer, I want to rest assured that my life had meaning & that I used the pain in my life to touch the lives of others. I want to know that I inspired some young woman to chase her dreams, in spite of all the haters, in spite of all the insecurity she faced. She could use her pain to bless others & her life could be beautiful in spite of the pain she’d felt as a child.

   Sept. 1, we thought Mom was getting better after a 9-month-long battle with cancer. Sept. 3, we found out she was dying quickly & that we had days, maybe weeks. My fiance’, Alan & I were planning our wedding for February 24th. Suddenly, there was no way humanly possible that Mom would make it till then. Sept. 10th, we gathered our family & several friends around Mom’s hospital bed where she lay dying & we said our Marriage vows. ” For richer or for poorer, for better or for worse, Till death do us part.” Knowing full-well that Mom & Dad’s vows would be finished any day now, when she passed. 

   10 days later, Sept. 20th she passed away 2 hours before her 59th birthday. I was now a 23-year-old heartbroken, grieving woman who was motherless & 10 days newlywed. After the funeral, everyone went back to work, except me. I hadn’t worked my job the past 6-9 months, as I was Mom’s caretaker. Now what? I was still in shock & hardly had the mental capacity to see anyone, much less provide the leadership my role at work required. I stayed home, day after day. Depressed, Sleeping til noon & just overall, purposeless. I had nothing to do, except serve my sweet husband who’s very capable. I was slipping into a deep, dark hole of depression. What was there to do?

  A month later, Mom’s best friend, Deb called me up one day saying, “Hey, I’ve got something for you to check out.” I knew my depression was going to worsen as the winter set in & I really wanted to do something about it, before it got really bad, so I was all ears! 

   2 days later, I was all-into learning Online Marketing. This could very well be a full-time income, simply doing Affiliate Marketing for an education platform that offered Online Courses on Investing & Digital Marketing. I spent days, listening to all the content I could find on Digital Marketing, I was super intrigued with the idea & loved the concept of building relationships!!! (Yes, I’m an extrovert!)

   However, when I went to actually promote these courses, something just didn’t feel right.  I had many conversations with ladies who were struggling & I was repeatedly seeing this huge need in other countries for exactly what I had. However, the price point was simply too high for them. I didn’t even feel right offering them some education for thousands of dollars, when they were struggling to simply keep food on the table & clothes on the kids. It wasn’t because they were lazy, it was because they were living in a country without many opportunities. Single Moms deserve to be home with their kids.

  Scrolling Instagram, you see 169 videos of ladies who claim to have started doing this or that & just realized they made $59,000 in 3 hours their first week. Of course, you should do it as well. You jump onto that boat & in 3 weeks, haven’t made a dime yet. New thing rolls around, ah! This is the ONE. Another lady just scams you off by bragging about what she’s made in a month, conveniently not mentioning the fact that she’s built a brand & audience for the past 3 years. Boom. Another down. Maybe you could just post on Upwork or Fiverr, get a few gigs & suddenly make $50K /month, you could go to this specific website for a side-hustle & do some transcribing & make $120/hour. Easy, right? Wrong.

 Perfect Recipe For Disaster & Broke Families.

  What I’m seeing is that no matter what you do – Becoming a Virtual Assistant, Copywriter, Proofreader, Transcriptionist, or do Dropshipping, Affiliate/ Network Marketing, you always need a personal brand & a Target Audience to sell your offers to.

  Fiverr is overloaded. Upwork is jam-packed with competition. You’ll see a job posted, immediately submit a proposal, only to see that there are already 500-1000 other proposals submitted before you. Do that for 5 months & get only 1 job. How’s that for a profitable side-hustle? Always competing to be the cheapest person on earth.


People need the education I have, but can’t afford the 1000’s of dollars it takes & I couldn’t just pay their way either. There had to be another solution.

  I could teach it!!!! LinkedIn For Leads came into existence. I started teaching for free. However, I saw a continual repeated process – when we don’t have any financial commitment, we aren’t fully invested in our success. When we invest money in the journey, we fight more to achieve success.

  My goal is to get you to your goal as quickly as possible, and with enough financial commitment that we’re both Fully Committed to making it work. 

  The secret to success isn’t in doing 1 specific thing like they say- Rather it’s in sticking to 1 thing long enough & going through the tough times to get to the Successful part!!

  Whatever your dream is, I don’t know. Just stick with it. I know you have what it takes to become successful, just hold on through the valley of despair. Success is something that happens after a long hard journey, not something that comes easy.  Keeping my Depression at bay has summoned me to find another purpose & I don’t know where you’re at in life, but I pray that my story can bring you confidence in your abilities & clarity in your business!!! You absolutely have what it takes to be successful- let’s just uncover it together & show the world the real you – the fearless, confident woman who’s got a successful business & doesn’t lay awake at night worrying about how to clothe & feed her children. You’ve got this & I believe in you, even if it seems you’re alone in this -you’re not!!! I invite to reach out to me, send me a DM & tell me about your business, & I’ll cheer you on, girl!!

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