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Be Our Affiliate

Earn $200 cash for each coupon redeemed, plus get Exclusive  Affiliate discounts & early access to sales.

What Makes This Program Unique?

Give Away Exclusive Coupons

Every coupon you give away has a unique Discount Code, that’s valid only once, along with an expiration date, prompting quick action from potential coupon users. 

The discounts I offer will never be bigger than the discounts you can offer with your coupons.

High Commission Payouts

We pay you $200 for every $100 coupon redeemed, meaning that for every $500 purchase from your coupon-users, you’ll receive a 40% Affiliate commission, compared to the average 5-30% Affiliate commission.

It pays to be our Affiliate. Like, Seriously. 

How It Works

Our Affiliate Program is set up to be User-Friendly & highly profitable for you, while also posing a SIGNIFICANT value to anyone who uses your coupons.

Apply & Get Accepted

The first step is to apply for our Affiliate Program. Keep an eye out for our email, verifying that you're accepted!

Share Your Coupons

Once you're accepted into our program, download your coupons & share them with others!

Collect Your Cash

Whenever your coupons are redeemed, your account will be credited, so you can spend your cash!

Become Our Affiliate Partner

Frequently asked questions

There are no specific requirements to applying for our Affiliate program at this time.

You will receive an email within 2 business days, acknowledging the result of your application.

We track affiliate purchases by linking Coupon Codes, which you share with your audience, to specific Affiliate accounts. When a coupon is redeemed by a customer, the Affiliate is credited for the referral, as if the customer had used a referral link. However, we also track it via affiliate link whenever possible, so that if someone uses an affiliate link without the Coupon Code, the affiliate will still be credited… (But who doesn’t love a COUPON!!!!?????)

You have multiple options-Store Credit,  PayPal payouts, or direct Bank Transfers, whichever you prefer!!

You can see lots of information such as Commission Tracking, Usage Statistics, Referral Orders, Monthly Statistics Summary, Payouts management, Referral URL generator, Click history & Campaigns.

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